Friday, February 5, 2010

1. buying shockingly green bananas may not be so bad after all. They seemed to ripen well just lying there in my bowl - which gives the chance for the eater to eat one at the peak of perfectness. And they seem to have fewer bruises. Although, the last two in my bowl have a couple spots. I'm thinking they occurred while trying to get a banana(s) off the bunch. We shall see when we go to peel and eat.

2. graham crackers taking a dunk in milk is a yummy treat. Just be sure to leave some milk (or pour enough to begin with) in the glass to wash it all down when the count of crackers becomes zero.

3. laundry theory of yesterday was not put to the test. Me Today = Headache, yucky, yucky headache. thanks, huzbind, for coming home early *smooch*

4. buying organically goes way beyond the heftier price tag one sees. But if one buys organic, then one knows that already.