Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1. couponing, if done right, can save a ton of money.

2. dried fried fruit like cranberries or raisins really are tasty in and make a good texture addition to a salad.

3. scrunching up your hair when still damp in scrunchy - then sleeping like that - can give some great wave to your 'do by morning.

4. trying to make a point to enjoy my small children while shopping for groceries is important - they won't be able to fit in the kids' grocery cart forever :*( - and kinda don't already.
note: last grocery trip was a bust & found myself with our 3 year old waiting in the car... better next time? hopefully?)


Steph said...

I love what you think Shell!!! You have such an amazing brain and I'm glad you decided to share what goes on in there!!! Love ya!